Software Testing

Software testing is a service how an application/website should be bug free in quality aspect. In other words it can be said as according to the client’s requirement the output should be matched equally.

So according to the testing we have 2 types

  • Manual
  • Automation

Manual testing is an application, which is tested by a resource by applying required data and finding out the errors until it becomes bug free and well in quality product.

Automation testing is an application, which is tested by a resource with having an appropriate tool by creating or writing scripts according to the requirement and uploading the data’s in the tool and manages the bugs and reports.

These testing processes are majorly handheld, but still improved and to be standardized uses the testing tools for performance, load, etc…….

The ultimate concept of tools or by manual is to deliver a product to the client with a error/bug/issue free, where it can be client satisfaction with a coming back soon signal.

Whereas 360degreeinfotech plays a major role in testing aspects because there are some application where it should be done in manual and some in automation mandatory to identify this by our team and process the flow.

In today’s major 2 testing automation tools are

  • QTP Mercury Product
  • Selinium
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